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You Are Fearless

You have great dreams and unrelenting ambition. You go for what you want, and it’s hard to deter you.You are incredibly competent and intelligent. You’ve had a very high success rate in your life.You tend to dominate people. You have a very strong personality, and others tend to heed to your demands.You’re confident enough to be considered arrogant. You tend to think of other people in terms of what they can do for you. 



Are You Flirtatious, Fearless, Factual, or Friendly?

You Are an Endomorph

You have a rounder, softer body type. It’s difficult for you to lose weight.Endomorphs are known for being friendly, generous, and warm.It’s likely that you’re a relaxed person who enjoys good times, good people, and good food.

You are warm and affectionate. You provide comfort to others and crave it for yourself.


 What’s Your True Body Type?

You Crave an Important Life

Your dream is to live a life that leaves a mark.You’d like to have a mission or journey to complete, even if it takes years.You want your life to be meaningful, and having a final goal brings you meaning.

You’d like to accomplish something big, if only to inspire others to believe it can be done.


The Sunset Test
kakatapos lang ng oscars kea dapat may ganito ako..hehehe

You Would Win Best Documentary Feature

You are very curious about and engaged with the world. Everyone is interesting to you.You have a variety of interests, and you delve into them quite deeply.People are impressed by the sheer quantity of stuff you know, and you’re learning more every day.

However, you’re not just informed. You also are very informative. You share what you know in an engaging and interesting way.


What Would You Win an Oscar For?
ciempwe galing pa din sa blogthings yan…
yung iba totoo yung iba hindi..hehe

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    Feb 24, 2009 @ 07:59:38

    me award ako para sayu blu!!
    garb it at my page..latest post..


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